Something Unique For Your Home

When someone walks into my home, no matter who it is, they always say, Where did you get that? or That's cool! I always tell my clients, if you want to make a good room great, purchase a special standout piece. Whether it's an art piece hanging on the wall or an accessory atop a book, choose something that excites you. Recently a friend turned me onto these beautiful hand blown glass art pieces, vessels, chandeliers and more by designer Carlyn Ray. Reminicent to Chihuly, the young designer is making a name for herself in Austin where she resides. If you want to see her work out and about, go to the restaurant Nobo Dallas where each dish that comes out is displayed in one of her unique vessels. How cool! Check out my favorites below - I plan to use one of these chandeliers in an upcoming project! 

See more of her work at

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 2.26.43 PM.png