Peter Tunney

TEDxWallStreet 2013 welcomes Peter Tunney as a Speaker.  For three decades artist Peter Tunney has crisscrossed the globe—from the African savannah to Wall Street boardrooms he has amassed a wealth of experiences: funny, harrowing, infused with tragedy and joy—and on the other side of these countless miles he has emerged an artist with a message, his own media machine, affirming: GRATITUDE, DON’T PANIC, THE TIME IS ALWAYS NOW, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.

These words are the basis of Peter Tunney’s artistic practice. He is a dedicated explorer of our cultural lexicon, culling disparate media for images and words to assemble the collages that allow these messages to take shape from negative space. And although he works in nearly every medium of the visual art language: paint, wood, photography, printed material, found object—in a fundamental way Peter Tunney is a performance artist. His lived experience is a conduit to his work, providing meaningful translation that renders GRATITUDE not as a reductive slogan, but as a concept vital and urgent and largely missing from the cultural conversation.

Peter is often heard saying that he is, happily, “busy for the rest of [his] life,” living and making art between his two galleries and studios in New York and Miami.

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