Holland and Sherry - Yes Please

Originally started in 1836 in London, the duo Holland and Sherry specialized in custom wool and silk clothing. Over the years, their company has evolved, carrying upholstery weight fabrics, cashmere, fine wool and silks in addition to their beautiful tailored clothes. I recently purchased a chair from their Bespoke line with the most gorgeous white linen front and plaid wool back with suede piping. They make custom furniture, sale antiques, create custom rugs and make the most gorgeous embroidered pillows. At their event this past Tuesday I captured a few photos of all the wonderful things they sale at their Soho location, 209 Elizabeth St, New York, NY. Go check it out in person or online! http://www.hsbespoke.com. I want everything!




Something Unique For Your Home

When someone walks into my home, no matter who it is, they always say, Where did you get that? or That's cool! I always tell my clients, if you want to make a good room great, purchase a special standout piece. Whether it's an art piece hanging on the wall or an accessory atop a book, choose something that excites you. Recently a friend turned me onto these beautiful hand blown glass art pieces, vessels, chandeliers and more by designer Carlyn Ray. Reminicent to Chihuly, the young designer is making a name for herself in Austin where she resides. If you want to see her work out and about, go to the restaurant Nobo Dallas where each dish that comes out is displayed in one of her unique vessels. How cool! Check out my favorites below - I plan to use one of these chandeliers in an upcoming project! 

See more of her work at http://carlynraydesigns.com

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 2.26.43 PM.png

Edwardian Style at Downton Abbey

I am loving this style. Well parts of it. Check out these rooms on Downton Abbey. Peach, Yellow, & Green oh my! This is where it is totally acceptable to make wall colors as bright as you want!  The formal aspect of the furniture, curtains and lighting makes everything work nicely together. Yes it's a bit fru fru but taking elements of this style and incorporating it into a traditional style room totally works! 


Peter Tunney

TEDxWallStreet 2013 welcomes Peter Tunney as a Speaker.  For three decades artist Peter Tunney has crisscrossed the globe—from the African savannah to Wall Street boardrooms he has amassed a wealth of experiences: funny, harrowing, infused with tragedy and joy—and on the other side of these countless miles he has emerged an artist with a message, his own media machine, affirming: GRATITUDE, DON’T PANIC, THE TIME IS ALWAYS NOW, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.

These words are the basis of Peter Tunney’s artistic practice. He is a dedicated explorer of our cultural lexicon, culling disparate media for images and words to assemble the collages that allow these messages to take shape from negative space. And although he works in nearly every medium of the visual art language: paint, wood, photography, printed material, found object—in a fundamental way Peter Tunney is a performance artist. His lived experience is a conduit to his work, providing meaningful translation that renders GRATITUDE not as a reductive slogan, but as a concept vital and urgent and largely missing from the cultural conversation.

Peter is often heard saying that he is, happily, “busy for the rest of [his] life,” living and making art between his two galleries and studios in New York and Miami.

- See more at: http://tedxwallstreet.com/peter-tunney/#sthash.qjPMZ9Uk.dpuf




It's not 1st Dibs, It's "Second Shout Out!"

Second Shout Out offers guided antique shopping adventures in France, England, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Germany.


Excursions are planned according to clients' shopping list, style and budget. You can do just one day at the flea market or a full-blown buying fest spanning multiple countries over multiple weeks. The Antiques Diva & Co.'s bread and butter is helping US and Australian antique dealers and designers with sourcing, but they don't discriminate if you aren't a professional shopper. All clients get access to trade-only sources and benefit from their guide's negotiating skills, price prowess, and familiarity with the local language and currency. There are tons of other perks too...the most appealing to me being that they handle customs paperwork and shipping. Sounds like heaven, right?!

Mid century three-part McGuire-style rattan sectional.

Mid century three-part McGuire-style rattan sectional.

French Art Deco Dining Room Table 

French Art Deco Dining Room Table 

Vintage Italian Brass Le Barge Entry Table

Vintage Italian Brass Le Barge Entry Table